Aquosis - Koi and Aquatics Products Aquosis is a leading name in the aquatic and koi industry. With its own brand of products which includes the famous portable fish holding sytems we also offer many other high quality products for the pond owner and with an increasing number of new products being included to this specialist range. Prepare for Winter Help protect your fish this winter by covering ponds with a Winter Koi Pond Cover from Aquosis{5727E7EF-D995-4F32-A576-4BBA5240D3F6} {5727E7EF-D995-4F32-A576-4BBA5240D3F6}{5727E7EF-D995-4F32-A576-4BBA5240D3F6}_1.jpg Prepare for Winter{5727E7EF-D995-4F32-A576-4BBA5240D3F6} New from Aquosis - The Aqua Jet Dome New from Aquosis - The Aqua Jet Dome With No Airflow Restrictions Special Offer 10 off all Aqua Jet Dome orders placed during September RRP 114.95{A3CD3BE9-094F-4326-9A32-A6598DB04CBC} {A3CD3BE9-094F-4326-9A32-A6598DB04CBC}{A3CD3BE9-094F-4326-9A32-A6598DB04CBC}_1.jpg New from Aquosis - The Aqua Jet Dome{A3CD3BE9-094F-4326-9A32-A6598DB04CBC} 10 Off Online Aquosis Orders Click Here to Reveal Voucher Code for 10 Off all Online orders at{A667AD92-7826-4232-825F-A4C4785A0C2B} {A667AD92-7826-4232-825F-A4C4785A0C2B}{A667AD92-7826-4232-825F-A4C4785A0C2B}_1.jpg 10 Off Online Aquosis Orders{A667AD92-7826-4232-825F-A4C4785A0C2B} New Waterco Fibreglass Vortex Chamber Vortex Chambers with high quality construction and design features.{661FFBAA-C7CA-456A-A511-7B612AE27DB2} {661FFBAA-C7CA-456A-A511-7B612AE27DB2}{661FFBAA-C7CA-456A-A511-7B612AE27DB2}_1.jpg New Waterco Fibreglass Vortex Chamber{661FFBAA-C7CA-456A-A511-7B612AE27DB2} New Multicyclone Available Aquosis the specialist koi equipment supplier is pleased to announce the launch of the new MultiCyclone MC12 from Waterco.{37D3A936-E082-4D8C-9A99-654078851EEF} {37D3A936-E082-4D8C-9A99-654078851EEF}{37D3A936-E082-4D8C-9A99-654078851EEF}_1.jpg New Multicyclone Available{37D3A936-E082-4D8C-9A99-654078851EEF} Spring 2011 Pricelist Out Now Please e-mail or call us to request your copy of the latest Aquosis Pricelist.{49FB7322-3087-48DD-9F55-E4067E72E108} {49FB7322-3087-48DD-9F55-E4067E72E108}{49FB7322-3087-48DD-9F55-E4067E72E108}_1.jpg Spring 2011 Pricelist Out Now{49FB7322-3087-48DD-9F55-E4067E72E108}